Hallway Design Tips from Expert Interior Designers

Designing or redecorating your hallway can often be a daunting task. It’s the connecting link between all the rooms in your home and needs to create an inviting atmosphere while being easy to navigate. But with the right design choices, you can transform your hallway into a beautiful feature that reflects your style and taste!

To help take away some of the stress of designing such an important space in any home, we interviewed expert interior designers for their tips on creating stylish yet practical hallways everyone will love. From helpful storage solutions to unique decorations, let’s explore some top-notch hallway design advice that is sure to make this part of your house look its best.

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Lighting – How to Use Light for Maximum Visual Appeal

Light has the power to transform the look and feel of a hallway. When used strategically, it can create maximum visual appeal with unique lighting features such as wall sconces or recessed lights. To implement an effective lighting plan in your hallway, consider introducing a combination of light sources such as layered tasks and ambient lights that differ in brightness, hue and intensity.

For instance, adding an overhead light on its own may not give your space the desired effect since light that comes from one direction tends to create harsh shadows. Alternatively, by mixing up different types of light fixtures you can achieve a harmonious overall ambience while also highlighting any particular elements of décor you wish to emphasize. Lighting is also paramount when it comes to safety and practicality, so include pathways and stairs using low-level lights as well as switches at each end so you can easily adjust the intensity to suit your needs or occasion.

Colour Schemes – Which Shades to Choose for an Impactful Look

When it comes to choosing the right colour scheme for your hallway, the options can be overwhelming. When deciding which shades to choose, there are certain principles of design that should be adhered to in order to create an impactful look. Pick colours that will bring out furniture or artwork you have or are planning to put in the hallway, but pay attention to the tones of each shade; depending on the vibe you want in your hallway, opt for either cool and muted hues, or brighter and bolder ones.

Additionally, it is important to consider how warm or cool natural light coming in through windows or doors may affect how your colour choices appear. Ultimately, whether you prefer a modern aesthetic or something more classic, properly chosen hues can give your home character and make a lasting impression.

Furniture Placement – Ideas for Making the Most of a Narrow Space

Trying to make the most of a narrow hallway space can be tricky, but with a few creative ideas, it can become a beautiful focal point in your home. For instance, selecting slim furniture is essential for achieving an open and airy feeling. Instead of purchasing bulky chairs and tables, opt for pieces with thin legs or frames.

window and storage in a hallway

Additionally, if you have extra wall space, try installing some simple floating shelves above eye level; this will allow you to store items without taking up much physical space. Also, introduce plants and accessories that are tall or extend upwards to give the optical illusion of more space. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to revitalize your once-narrow hallway.

Hardwood floors have been a popular choice for hallways for years, providing a timeless and attractive look. But in recent years, more homeowners are looking to mix up their flooring options – laminates can bring a touch of colour compared to natural timber, while carpets create a cosy atmosphere.

When it comes to styling your hallway, creating an inviting mood is key. One great way to achieve this is by adding area rugs in complementary colours and patterns that tie the whole design together. The inclusion of throw pillows and wall decor can match up with these accent colours and provide texture that guests won’t soon forget. Flooring choices should reflect your personality, whether it’s the warmth of the carpet or the contemporary feel of vinyl, making it easier than ever to give any space its own unique flair.

Wall Accents – Creatively Decorate with Mirrors, Paintings and Wallpaper

Transform your hallway from a cluttered corridor to a stylish walkway with accent pieces! A well-chosen décor item can make all the difference, so why not start with a statement mirror? Hang it on the wall to open up the space and create illusions of light and reflection. If abstract art is more your thing, hang a few paintings along the hallway.

A white wall with shelf and abstract painting

Choose art that relates to the other rooms in your house if possible. Paintings are sure to warm up a cold hallway in no time! Lastly, wallpaper is an effective hallway décor choice. Set the mood by choosing colours and textures that match the rest of your home. With these great ideas, you can make any hall look fabulous today!

Window Treatments – How to Brighten Up a Dark Hallway

If your hallway is dark and gloomy, don’t worry, because there are a few simple solutions that can help brighten up the space. Installing lightweight curtains on any windows will be one of the most effective ways to bring about a brighter atmosphere. Blinds and shades can also provide an easy way to bring natural light into the hallway. For added décor and light reflection, you can also hang mirrors of different sizes throughout the walls- they are small and easy touches that make all the difference.

small desk space underneath staircase

Furthermore, applying a coat of soft yellow or white paint on your walls will instantly create a much lighter atmosphere while still providing warmth and comfort to those in it. Ultimately, with a few strategically placed window treatments along with other accentuating changes such as painting the walls, you can quickly shift the mood in your hallway from dull to dynamic!

Storage Solutions – Maximise Space for Shoes, Coats and More

Trying to maximize the space in your hallway? We’ve got you covered! Invest in multipurpose storage solutions that’ll safely store shoes, coats and other items while looking chic. For example, robust and stylish benches with hidden storage underneath are perfect for small hallways; they offer a comfy spot to put on footwear while creating a practical space to stow away extra items.

a wall with mirror and coat hanger near a storage bench

Alternatively, opt for an open wardrobe, install some wall-mounted shelving or pop in an elegant shoe rack – all great solutions to keep unwieldy coats and shoes neatly tucked away without taking up precious square footage in your home. So breathe a sigh of relief – an organized hallway is within reach!

Accent Pieces – Add Interest With Picture Frames, Rugs and Greenery

When it comes to making a hallway more interesting and appealing, accent pieces are the way to go. Picture frames are especially helpful for adding personal touches that reflect your family’s personality and style. Similarly, incorporating rugs into a hallway can make all the difference in providing some extra warmth and comfort. Finally, planting some greenery or hanging decorative plants on the wall can instantly create a more vibrant atmosphere that is sure to lift spirits every time people walk by. With these unique accent pieces, your hallway is sure to become an area of interest instead of just another transition space in between rooms.

A doorway with rugs and greenery

Creating a Focal Point – Explore Stylish Ways to Make an Entrance

Creating a focal point in your hallway is a great way to enhance the entryway and ensure that first impressions are always impressive. Whether you choose to make a statement with an exquisite chandelier or eye-catching artwork, it is possible for every homeowner to find a look that suits their preference.

There are lots of stylish options available, from classic elegance to modern minimalism, and wall art with dazzling graphics can be used to inject personality into the space. Purposely placed accessories such as vases, ornaments and mirrors not only provide decorative details but can also present the illusion of more room. So why not explore what possibilities your hallway holds and create a memorable entrance?

DIY Projects – Easy Tips for Customising Your Hallway

If you’re looking for a creative, enjoyable way to customise your hallway and make it stand out, look no further than DIY projects. With the right tools, guidance and materials, you can revamp this transitional space in your home and make it a beautiful place to start and end your day. From adding accent wallpaper to painting an original mural or updating the floor tiles – picking up some crafting skills and getting creative is a great way to breathe new life into your hallway!

Why not grab some artwork pieces that reflect your style or hang a statement mirror? Have fun experimenting with colour palettes, textures, fabrics and more – the options are truly endless. A few simple DIY touches here and there will go a long way in giving your hallway the unique look it deserves!


Designing your hallway can be a daunting task, but with these tips from expert interior designers, you’ll be able to create a welcoming and stylish space in no time. By considering the function of your hallway, choosing the right furniture and accessories, and making use of lighting and colour, you can create a space that reflects your personal style while being practical and inviting. So don’t wait any longer – get started on designing your perfect hallway today!

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